4 Serious Reasons Why Ignoring A Small Roof Leak Is A Bad Idea

Fixing up a roof definitely should be performed when major damage and leaks are present. If a serious wind storm tear up shingles and water pours through large holes in the roof, taking steps to immediately to fix the roof would be prudent. Patching the roof might not be adequate. The entire roof probably should be replaced when the damage is extensive. Skilled roofing contractors likely would agree with this assessment.

Obviously, the costs associated with replacing a roof can be significant even with homeowner's insurance as the deductible might be expensive. When major damage occurs, few other options exist.

Homeowners might choose to ignore minor leaks or drips. The repair work could cost $900 or so meaning it wouldn't overcome a $1,000 homeowner's insurance deductible. Besides a small leak shouldn't become too much of a problem. This type of thinking gets people in a lot of trouble. Four very critical reasons exist why fixing a small leak must be a major priority.

1.) The Small Amount of Water May Not be So Small

Seeing a small drip of water through the ceiling drywall does not mean the amount of water in between the roof and the drywall is minimal. The insulation could be absorbing a significant amount of it -- leaving the water in contact with the drywall and the wood. The water could be leaking massively and pooling, but only a small hole in the drywall has emerged.

A lot of damage could be out of sight and out of mind, but the severity of the damage may be severe. By the time the "small" leak is revealed, the homeowner may soon discover it isn't so small.

2.) Water Slowly Leak Creates More Damage

A small leak allowing water to continue to enter into a home slowly but surely causes more damage. Water causes wood to rot. As the rafters under the roof, the membrane, and window frames all end up exposed to moisture. Even when it only rains for a short period of time, a lot of trouble could occur.

As the wood begins to rot, the situation becomes dangerous as well. Rotted rafters mean the roof could collapse under its own weight. Rotted wood hardly presents decent levels of strength.

If the roof does collapse, a home could be condemned by the local municipality. Again, the problems inherent with a consistently leaking roof compound problems on top of problems.

3.) Mold May Grow Even With Minimal Water

In addition to rot, mold may grow thanks to the continual supply of moisture. Mold, in turn, literally consumes wood creating more structural damage. Mold also presents a major health hazard to those living inside of the property. The combination of structural and health risks could create another situation in which a property might be condemned.

Mold remediation is expensive and the damage may require rebuilding large sections of a home. Take this as another huge problem derived from a small leak that should have been checked out by roofing contractors Toronto .

4.) Loss of Insurance Coverage

Once the roof or other parts of the home become so severely damaged the property becomes a risk to insure, a homeowner's insurance company might choose to just drop the policy.

Without homeowners insurance in place, the property owner would be at severe financial risks for any liabilities, damage, and losses associated with the property.

No roof leak should ever be dismissed. Really, no problem present with a roof should be ignored. Instead, contacting roofing contractors to perform a proper inspection and subsequent repair work would be the better strategy.

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