What to Expect During a Roofing Project

Because most homeowners replace their roof only once, few are experts on the process. Below are the things that you can expect during a typical roofing project

Inspections and Estimates
As part of the selection process, roofers Toronto will inspect your roof and provide a written estimate. Most roofers will perform these services free of charge. Choose a roofer who walks the roof as part of the inspection rather than peering at it from the ground. As you compare the quotes, look for the most detailed proposals. Remember, an estimate that is significantly less than the others has most likely omitted expenses that will be tacked on later.

Delivery of Materials
After you have contracted with the roofer of your choice, you can expect shingles to be delivered to your home. Usually, this happens a few days ahead of the scheduled start date. To accommodate the materials, your roofers may ask you to park your car in a certain area.

The roofing project begins with the removal of the old materials. How much of your old roof is removed depends on the structural integrity of the roof. Some only need a new layer of shingles while others need rafters and decking replacement and repairs. It is within your rights to insist that your roofers clean up after themselves daily, and remove debris at their expense.

After the tear-off is complete, the new materials are applied. An underlayment is applied to clean, dry decking. Flashing and sealants are applied to roofing penetrations. Finally, the shingles are applied.

Project Length
How long your project takes depends on several factors including the weather and the complexity of your roofline. Some roofers only tear off as much as they can reroof in a day to prevent weather related roofing problems. Your roofer can give you a fairly accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete your roofing project

Once the job is finished, your roofer will clean up all debris and do a magnetic sweep for stray nails. Most roofers do not leave behind excess shingles for future repairs, but this can be negotiated in the selection phase.

Payment schedules for roofing projects vary from one roofer to the next, but there are a few givens. Never pay the entire amount up front. A roofer who requires it should be avoided. Expect to pay a portion of the bill at the beginning and the rest once the job is complete.

Knowing what to expect during a reroofing project will help you navigate the process without the stress of uncertainty. Arming yourself with information allows you to reroof your home confidently and to make the best decisions possible.

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